Legal Wedding in Bali – Latest Update from Bali Civil Registry Office

Latest Update. As of 2015, birth certificate and certificate of no impediment/CNI/nulla osta (these two are part of documentations required for legal & licensed marriage under Indonesian Law) should be translated into Bahasa Indonesia by an accredited & sworn translator.

If you need further assistance & information with regard to the accredited & sworn translator – please email me : info[at]eventsplannerbali[dot]com.



Love onboard

Thinking about unique way to celebrate your long awaited Bali wedding?  Try private catamaran or yacht  as your wedding venue!

Love onboard - wedding catamaran

Love onboard – wedding catamaran

Consider this,  Bali is surrounded by the ocean (Indian Ocean and Bali Sea), seaports are accessible from most parts of Bali, in addition there is plenty of choice for either catamaran or yacht rental to choose from to suit  your budget and total number of guest. Most catamaran and yacht can be rented full day (8 hours) or half day ( 4 – 5 hours).

Given the nature of a cruise trip, the mood of your wedding will be fun & relaxed effortlessly.  Everybody onboard will enjoy the breathtaking views of Bali from water, feel the fresh sea breeze and (if lucky) spot many playing & jumping dolphins along the way.

Catamaran - Bali wedding cruise

Catamaran – Bali wedding cruise

Creativity is the key here to make the most of wedding cruise, to incorporate sacred wedding ceremony, good food and wine,  good laugh with those close to your heart.

Click here for more information regarding Bali wedding cruise, ship

Love onboard - wedding cruise in Bali

Love onboard – wedding cruise in Bali

Rain Stopper aka “Pawang Hujan” or diverter

Let’s face the fact – Bali is in the tropics, rain is inevitable.  In general, the wet season falls between October and April and the dry season between May and September. Rain tends to come in sudden tropical downpours, but it can also rain nonstop for days.

Unless you fancy having  wedding ceremony and reception shifted  inside hotel ballroom, you better off well prepared and have back up plan.

Bali Marquee Tents

Renting marquee or tent is a practical option. Marquee hire is readily available in Bali.

Aladin tents - bali marquee hire

Aladin tents – bali marquee hire

There are several tent models that can go with your wedding decor aesthetic ie  Aladin marquee,  hexagonal tent, parabolic tent. Most of these marquees come with ‘side cover’ as well.

Please consult with your bali wedding planner to find the best option for   the ceremony and wedding reception decor.

Rain Stopper aka “Pawang Hujan”

Other alternative to deal with rain is to hire bali rain stopper aka pawang hujan aka diverter.  It might sound senseless and superstitious especially for people coming from Western cultures.

The rain stopper will prepare typical Balinese offerings consist of flowers and incense and then works his way out to begging Mother of earth to not let rain pouring or at least diverting it somewhere else.

Bali rain stopper aka pawang hujan

Bali rain stopper aka pawang hujan

The general reaction from most people when they first  hear about rain stopper  ” Does it actually work?”  Believe it or not – this practice is common in Bali with considerably high percentage of success. You can google the internet to check for real weddings  ”success story” hiring the rain stopper on the wedding day.

Whichever option you choose, be sensible and discuss it first with your partner.


Things you need to know when planning a Bali wedding – part 1

Ever read the following quote about wedding? Falling in love was the easy part; planning a wedding – yikes!  Don’t feel intimidated by this,  trust me, planning a Bali wedding is manageable if you are  well prepared 🙂

Bring a wedding planner on board is a good step.  Because wedding tasks aren’t always fun,  these  can be diverted to professional wedding planner (support at the beginning to get you on the right track, on-the-day coordination only, or full service from start to end) so you can have a peace of mind knowing that someone is there for you ensuring all is in under control.

Wedding at private villa

Wedding at private villa

That said, still you need to be aware of few main things when planning your Bali wedding :

Passport Validity. Check your passport validity. Minimum 6 months validity is required by Indonesia/Bali authority when you enter Indonesia/Bali. Share this information to your wedding guests too.

Minimum 6 months passport validity

Minimum 6 months passport validity required to enter Indonesia

– Rainy season: You choose Bali because you don’t fancy having the  celebration inside a hotel ballroom right? Realise your dream of romantic ceremony outdoor facing the ocean and memorable wedding dinner under the stars. In general avoid December, January and February

Full legal and licensed wedding.  If you plan a full legal and licensed wedding, you better off start preparing the required documents now. The list is rather long, and longer for Catholic couple.

Alongside copy of passport, copy of birth certificate, etc you also have  to present Certificate of Non Impediment (also known as certificate of freedom to marry/Civil Letter of Freedom/Certificate de Coutume or Certificate of Nulla Osta.) issued either by embassy or consulate office in Indonesia/Bali.

Good news for American and Australian nationals, you can get this document locally in Bali (1 day service)  at the respective consulate office in Denpasar, Bali.

If you are German, French, Italian, Irish and other nationals,  you have to go through a longer process, it can take 1 month up to 3 months until the document is ready.  For detailed information you can contact Department of Foreign Affair in the country of origin or your country embassy/consulate office  if you live overseas.





Makeup Artists in Bali

Looking radiant & pretty is every bride’s dream. Bride wishes that every set of eyes will be on her on her BIG day. Unless the bride is a makeup artist herself, a professional help is needed here.

Photo courtesy Yeanne Makeup Artist

Photo courtesy Yeanne Makeup Artist

Through the years Bali has been growing into a destination for eloping/wedding – along with this trend quite many professional makeup artists offer their expertise. Some are freelancers and some are hotels’ in-house makeup artists.

Many brides have no idea how much the cost for a professional makeup artist’s service in Bali.  They starts shopping around – hoping to get an idea and best deal possible. Here are some tips:

–  Compare at least 3 quotes from 3 different makeup artists. The chance is that you will get the highest, the price in between, the lowest quote.

–  Ask the makeup artists what makeup products (brand)  they use.

– Ask sample of makeup artists’ works (pictures or if they have website or blog)

– If possible try to have a makeup trial

– Compare the quote with the professional bridal makeup artists you plan to use if  you had your wedding back home. Be realistic & sensible – if you are happy to pay US$ 500 at home, how could you expect to pay professional makeup artist in Bali  only 20% of what you willing to pay back home?  Please bear in mind Bali makeup artists have the comparable expertise, experience , professionalism and use the same high quality makeup products like their peers in your home country.

Based on recent survey – fee for Bali professional makeup artists range between US$ 200 – US$ 500 (bridal hair & makeup) and US$ 100 – US$ 150 for bridesmaids, mothers etc.  Hotels charges higher because they put 21% tax & service on top of it.  They use international brand makeup products ie Mac, Bobby Brown, Guerlain & Chanel.

Most leading bridal makeup artists in Bali have website to showcase their work.  You can visit:

Bali Makeup Artists

Lona Makeup


Destination Weddings – Bali

Bali offers a fantastic range of destination weddings with unlimited options for venue, style & budget.  For over than a decade – this small beautiful island has hosted thousands of weddings, from a simple and romantic beach weddings to luxury weddings with 3 days long celebrations.

Why Bali? Every couple has their own reasons:
– Bali offers a perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony & party. Photo album will definitely look different with those whose wedding reception  in the hotel’s ballroom or a restaurant
– Cost effective. The significant increase of some currencies exchange rate against Indonesian Rupiah has made wedding in Bali much more affordable than if they do it in their home country.
– Family & friends getaway
– The couple had fallen  in love in Bali during holiday and then decided to tie the knot in the same place

Whatever the reason there is,  Bali has the wealth resources and facilities to turn every dream wedding becomes reality.  All the couple should do is to find a wedding planner who will listen to their every whim, creative and able to give solutions (including budget weddings) and most of all easy to work with.